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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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I am an eighteen year old student and the first member of my family to attend university which in itself is very daunting.  I completed my A levels at St Julie’s Sixth Form where I successfully achieved my grades to gain a place on a degree course.  When I was studying I was doing a part time job in order to save a little for university and also to help at home as I am from a big family. In my spare time I enjoy dancing and going out with friends.

From the age of sixteen, after completing my work experience in a Law firm, I have shown a keen interest in the subject and wanted to pursue it as a future career.  I therefore decided to apply to study Law at University.

The award has allowed me to spend my first year in university halls which I’m happy about.  Living away from home is worrying me slightly but I hope to make the most of my time there, making new friends and getting to know a new city.

The whole thought of university was overshadowed by the financial costs, although I knew it would be better for my education and open more career options.  Being the first of five siblings to attend university and also living away from home was a huge step.  When I heard about the John Moran Trust I felt it would benefit me a lot so I applied.

I feel my financial worries have been lessened thanks to the award given to me.  I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.  I would like to say a huge thanks to all involved in the Trust as it has helped me significantly.

My first year at Nottingham Trent University has disappeared so fast!! I think I spent so long worrying about how I would get on with life away from home.  All at The John Moran Trust were helpful in the fact that I received a number of emails of continued support asking how I was getting on.

I feel I settled into university life fairly well and although I had no previous experience of law at A level found the first year of the course very interesting.  Although university teaching is so different to being at school or sixth form the university offered academic advisors to offer support with this, which I took advantage of.  They offered advice on things such as how you were planning your free time, coursework, preparing for seminars and how to make the most out of them.

At first I felt shy within my seminar group but I felt these meetings with my academic advisor gave me more confidence to speak out and give my opinion which I am now not afraid to do.  I now realise that it’s my degree I’m working for, and no one else’s so why should I waste opportunities of learning, just because I’m embarrassed about what people think?   Besides most of the time everyone else was thinking the exact same thing as me.

In my first year I have completed seven pieces of course work up to now which is a lot of hard work! However I was really pleased with my grades, which helped boost my confidence leading up to my exams this month.  I am pleased how I worked this year and I hope my results will reflect the work I have put in.

I have now made plans to live in a house next year with four girls who I have become friends with through living in halls and from my course.  The house we have chosen for next year is much closer to the university than the halls we stayed in this year which is a great bonus. Next year I will obviously learn from a couple of mistakes I have made this year but I think that learning from mistakes is part of growing as an independent person and adjusting to adult learning which up to now I am doing successfully.

My second year of my law degree has flown so fast, I’m still left wondering where time has gone? I have definitely noticed a huge increase in the workload and level of standards expected, I guess this is in preparation for our final year. This year I lived in an house along with three other friends which was closer to the uni and my John Moran Trust grant helped towards my first installment. This year has definitely been a challenge in the fact that deadlines were pushed closer together and there was an extra module to do which meant an extra exam to revise for. I have felt at times that it has been a struggle especially when we had a death in the close family. 

I have been determined, however,  to continue and keep up with things. I have learnt from little mistakes I made last year and used these to improve my approach to things in my second year. This included things such as spending more time in preparing for tutorials, being more confident in tutorials to put answers and suggestions forward and also start revision earlier. I discussed these things in progress meetings which I find really helpful, as not only can you gain advice about results and coursework, but it also allows you to discuss things such as, time management at home and help with applying for placements. This year I was also able to choose four of my final year modules which was interesting as the options fair gave a brief introduction and insight into each module. I decided after advice from tutors that it was best to pick things I expect to enjoy as this will help next year in achieving my overall degree grades.

Next year, therefore, I have decided to study, family law, employment law, medical law and criminology and the criminal justice system. I am looking forward to my final year, I just can’t believe it’s come around so fast. I am hoping that although this year has been tough it has in turn helped prepare me for the final year workload. I am hoping to find some part time work in the summer to help towards costs as I have found this year was also a little bit harder in the financial sense as some unexpected costs occurred in the form of  books, travel expenses and house bills!!!! Once again a huge thanks to the trust, not only for helping me financially, but also for your continued support.

It’s surprising how little things such as an email now and then can help you during your studies when you least expect it, I found it was nice to know someone else is thinking about me and wanting me to do well.

I began the third and final year of my law degree confident that my second year had prepared me for what was to come. I felt I entered the final year having learned from previous mistakes and from the feedback that I had been given

For my final year I chose modules of interest and modules which I thought I would naturally do well in. These included employment law, family law, medical law and criminology.

The year began with  being thrown straight into work with two courseworks due before Christmas. As well as preparing myself for what was to come, I also had the dilemma of planning out my post graduate study options. After thinking things through and gaining some advice both from tutors and with help from those at the John Moran Trust I decided to apply for my LPC. I came to this decision as I feel it is the right time to go on and study whilst I am in this current frame of mind. I applied and gained a place at the College of Law in Chester, to start in September.  I am really excited about this as it is the next step in my career. With this in mind, I had a drive for doing well in my final year.

This year, although tough, has been successful. I felt that I built on what my previous years had offered. I tried to fully prepare for each seminar, I varied and widened my reading and I generally just spent more of my free time studying than I had done previously.

Before long exam revision lectures came around and obviously nerves began to build. The workload this year had definitely increased and I would need to start with my revision early! Then to add to the pressure of my final exams, the exams for the modules which I had chosen fell into one week! I had exams from Monday to Friday and so I knew I would have to be fully prepared way in advance! I tried to look at things positively and think it would be better to have them all out of the way in the first week rather than them drag out over a three week period.

Therefore, knowing my tight timetable, I started my revision just before Easter.  However, nothing could really have prepared me for the week that was to come! At first things felt impossible as I had so much pressure to do well and so much to learn!! However, bit by bit I started to break things down and worked together with friends. This way I gradually built my confidence.

As the week of the exams approached I was so scared but managed to plough my way through each exam. I found it hard after each exam to turn off and start to focus on the next, but I had no alternative and so really had to push myself!

I felt my exams went well and I tried my best which is the most important thing and hopefully my hard work will pay off and I will get the grade I deserve! More than anything I am so proud of myself for getting to the end of what I view as being one of the toughest degrees, workload wise! At times, compared to friends on other courses, I felt my workload was never ending!  I would think it was impossible to get through, especially this year’s exam timetable! Now I look back and think to myself, “Look how far you have come Kesie”! I really am proud of myself and just can’t wait for my graduation where I can celebrate the hard work and my achievements!

I feel I owe a lot to the John Moran Trust for helping me. I would not have been able to get through the three years without their support. The support has meant I can have things such as recommended text books and statute books which do add up! It also meant that this year I could live closer to university, meaning I could use the facilities more frequently.  I feel that a lot of my drive to do well came from the Trust as I wanted to prove that in choosing to help me through university, they had made the right choice. I wanted to make them proud too.