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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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I currently live at home with my younger brother, my sister and my mum. I have always wanted to go to university to study an area of law.  My ultimate aim is to join the Merseyside police.  I attended Formby High school from the age of eleven and continued into the sixth form. These have no doubt been the best years of my life so far!  I had many friends and we all enjoyed nothing better than spending time together at the cinema or bowling.

At sixth form I have achieved an A (distinction) in ICT, B in sociology and C in English which earned me enough points to be accepted at John Moores University to study Criminal Justice. This is a course which I am extremely interested in due to the close connection that it has with the Police Force.  I am really looking forward to university.  I will be the first member of my immediate family to attend and thus I feel I have the responsibility of ‘leading the way’ to a very successful future.  However, I feel that I would have struggled extremely if I hadn’t been awarded £1000 from the John Moran Trust for each year that I am studying and I would just like to say that you, the trustees, have had such a great impact on my life – I was so, so nervous about debt and trying to afford university but now I feel great and the grant will help me considerably to purchase books etc.

Just a note for anyone who is unsure about applying for this grant.  What is there to lose? When I went to the interview I was very nervous, however, there is no need to be.  The trustees have made life so much more fun and enjoyable – and I haven’t even started university yet.

Once again, trustees, thank you very much.  I am determined to do well at university and  convince you that you have made the correct decision in awarding me this grant.

I have just completed my first year of Criminal Justice at John Moores University, and what a great year it has been! It has been such an exciting time and I am so glad that I decided to continue my education. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my lectures only took place on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday- leaving two days for me to study at home and socialise with the new friends that I have made.

I was really apprehensive and anxious about making friends but there really was no need to be as everyone feels the same. It wasn’t long before everyone was chatting away! My first year seems to have flown by- it feels as though I have been there only a few weeks! If I’m honest the work can get on top of you if you leave it until last minute. However I was focused on completing essays as soon as possible in order to concentrate on my revision for the exams which took place in June.

I have only just received my results which I am ecstatic about! I passed all my exams and along with the coursework I have passed my first year. I can honestly say that the grant that I received from the John Moran trustees is partly responsible for my success as it was with this that I purchased the majority of the books required for the different modules on the course- which for my first year has mounted to the great cost of £650!! I have also used the grant to purchase a yearly travel pass in order to actually travel to university. I look forward to returning to university to begin my second year, which I am sure will be just as much fun.  I once again wish to give my deepest thanks to the trustees for selecting me for this award which will be great financial support and will allow me to concentrate on my studies.

Although many people see university as a time to simply get drunk and party- I am glad to say that I have met people who are similar to me in that we understand the importance of university and this special opportunity that we have to achieve. I am determined that I will achieve my goals and in doing so will feel satisfied that I have shown my gratitude to the Trustees for having faith in me.

I cannot believe how fast time has flown whilst being in university. I can honestly say that these have been the best years ever. University is such a fantastic experience and I am loving every minute. Second year was so much more relaxed than my first year and although the number of students studying Criminal Justice is slowly decreasing, the group that is left is lovely, so friendly and we all get on so well.  It’s brilliant. 

Throughout my second year, the workload stayed steady. However, I now have   new job. I work 6pm to 10pm on a weekday and so I have found myself staying in uni library for a few hours until I need to leave for work. At first I was doing this to 'waste time' but to be quite honest, my attitude towards education and university has altered dramatically this year. Not that I've ever been lazy in the work that I produced but this year I have really pulled up my socks!! After Christmas I decided to put 200% effort into each piece of work I produced. I stayed, as mentioned earlier, for many extra hours a day, reading books and researching (something which I only did in 1st year if there was an assignment due in). In doing so, I have witnessed my understanding growing. I feel so much better for putting in these extra hours in and feel so proud on receiving the results back for second year.  My average mark has increased massively, leaving my mean mark at 78.5%- 1.5% off a first!!!!!!

I am absolutely thrilled with these results, as is my Mum. It especially makes me feel amazing that several of the marks received were for presentations that I had to give in front of an audience. Before doing this I was incredibly nervous about speaking in public and it didn’t help that the presentation was on a difficult subject- paedophilia. However, I feel that with practice I was able to perfect my skills in presenting, meaning that I was able to present clearly and get my ideas across. I am so thrilled with my results.  It has made me even more determined to work even harder- I am certainly going to work to try and achieve a first- I know I can do it.

This year is going to be scary and daunting. I cannot believe it is final year already! Sometimes I look back and it only feels like two minutes ago that I was making my choices at GCSE level!! What can I say though.  I am having such a great time and can't wait to get back!!

Many thanks for your ongoing love and support. Thank you so much.

I have gained a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Criminal Justice, 5 marks from a 1st- so was slightly gutted, but made up and pleased at the same time!!

I am now living with my uncle and auntie in Manchester as I am now a Prison Custody Officer at HMP Forest Bank!!  I am absolutely living the dream that I decided I wanted during my final year. I had tried on several occasions to gain employment with Merseyside Police but was on what seemed like a huge waiting list!

What is also really exciting is that next year the Prison is funding me to do my Masters in Criminal Justice or Offender Management. I’m not sure which option to take at the moment in order to further my career within the Criminal Justice System.

Everything seems so positive at the moment.