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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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I was a student in Broadgreen 6th Form studying the I.B. (International Baccalaureate). I had been a student there for my high school years also, so it was convenient for me to attend the 6th Form where I was familiar with the environment and teachers. Further the I.B. course allowed me a wide range of subject choice that I perhaps would not have had if I had done A levels.

None the less studying the I.B. course has had profound positive effect on my life, both educational and personal. I knew the course was going to be difficult both educationally and personally as it required a lot of extra curricular activities which we as students had to organise and carry out. For example the CAS (creative, action & service) part of the I.B. requires student to complete fifty hours of each area in order to attain the full diploma. This got me involved in volunteering, which I still do for Cancer Research UK, badminton and most interestingly African drumming in which I have joined a band and have played on various events in Liverpool, most recently the opening of Liverpool One.

Other than the extra curricular activities, the course required students to study Theory of Knowledge, complete an extended essay of 4000 words as core for the course and study six subjects. Three of the subjects had to be chosen at higher level and three at standard. English, Mathematics and a foreign language were compulsory. I chose to study English, Mathematics, French at standard level and Psychology, Physics and Chemistry at higher level. My expected grades are in and around 4-7 with grades being out of 7 in each of the six subjects. Further 3 points can be attained from CAS, theory of knowledge and the extended essay to give a full total of 45 points. I require 31 points from 45 in order to be accepted at university and I am optimistic about obtaining it.

I have applied to study Chemical engineering at Aston University. The main reason for me choosing Chemical engineering is because I simply enjoy the subject and have a genuine interest in it. Chemical engineers design and produce plans and processes in which we can take raw materials and turn them into useful tools at a low cost while being green at the same time. A chemical engineer is at the forefront of the process chain and has dealt with almost everything we use in our daily life. Further new research has been carried out into Bio-fuels as the crises over oil and pollution continue. Chemical engineers are discovering new ways to use fuels more effectively and even discovering new fuels. For my extended essay I conducted a study into Chip fat as a form of diesel. I had to carry out a calorimetry experiment using chip fat and all of this had to be done independently. I had a wonderful time in writing the essay as I was doing something I enjoyed. Doing such things as independent research really helps me prepare for university well.

One of the main reasons for choosing Aston as my first choice university is because of its ranking in the chemical engineering department. It is ranked 2nd only to Imperial college and further it has great industrial links which will hopefully facilitate placements and finding a job after graduation. I believe it is the best place for me to study chemical engineering.

The acceptance of me for this award has helped me already before I have even started university. It has given me more confidence in that I know I will be able to afford my accommodation at university. When I first read the letter that I was successful in obtaining the award I was over the moon! I couldn’t tell you how happy I was. Knowing that I have this award allows me to concentrate more on getting my self ready for university, then after starting, concentrating on the studies rather then spend most of my time working. It means that I will be less stressed and will have more time to organise everything in my first year there. Further it will also allow me to use more of my money to buy the safety equipments I require to carry out experiments and also it will allow me to buy the books I require.

All things considered the award has helped me relax a bit more and helped me look forward to starting university more. It has definitely been a good motivation in that I want to be able to show that the money was well spent by graduating and obtaining the career I want. I cannot thank the trustees enough for granting me this award!! 

I am currently a student at Aston University studying Chemical Engineering and I have just completed my first year. I am pleased to say that the year went as well as I could have hoped. One of the main reasons for this is the award given to me by the trustees. I mentioned the ways in which I expected the award would help me with university life when I wrote my initial profile (just after I finding out that I was one of those privileged to be receiving an award) 

Academically I have learnt so much this year.  My first year at university has also been the most enjoyable, life changing year of my life so far.  I have already been involved in many societies at university and have been to various events to represent the university.

I am a member of the Sri Lankan society, Boxing Club and 5-Aside football side and hoping to join the Badminton and Cricket Club next year. Being a member of the Sri Lankan society allowed me to meet member from my country and help me promote our culture to the university. I was actively involved in one of the main events which we organized known as More’s. It consisted of all of the different cultures represented in the university participating in a one night event with a fashion show, a buffet and performances from the different cultures. I, along with other first year students, was given the task of decorating the event and we came up with a theme which is regularly used in Sri Lanka. The picture below shows some of the decoration we made.


It was a wonderful night and everyone loved the decorations.
I also represented the university at the competition between universities at the NEC. Teams had to build a bridge out of A3, A4 paper, strings and tapes that can hold a weight of 5kg. It was a completely new experience for me and I learnt a lot from it.

I have met lots of new friends and have surely turned a new leaf in my life. I feel much more in-dependent, living on my own and paying my own bills. My parents have also helped me by supporting me throughout my first year at university and I hope to repay them by getting through university and getting my degree.

This year the award was paid directly towards my accommodation.  If I had not received the award, I am sure I would not have been able to enjoy the first year as much as I have. I did not have to work as much as I would have had to if I did not receive the grant. I really owe it to the trustees to ensure that they will never regret giving me the award. I am even more determined then I was at the start to achieve a 1st class degree at the end of my university life. I believe this would be the perfect way for me to thank the trustees.

I can’t wait for my second year to begin and am eager to gain more knowledge. Once again I can’t stress just how much this charity has helped me and is still helping me.

I can't tell you how grateful I am for your ongoing support.  You have made my university years so much easier with the grant that you provided for me. I have told so many people who I think would benefit to apply to your charity.

I have just completed my second year at university, and I’m pleased to say that I was able to maintain my results from last year in achieving a first again for this year with an average of 80%. I was really pleased with the results as I didn’t feel good about some of the exams. But the extra time I was able to spend studying was created by the money I received from the trust.

The first year of university was an amazing year for me as it was the first time that I had lived alone, away from my parents. None the less there were a lot of things that were new to me in second year. For example I stayed at accommodation provided by the university in my first year and the bills were already paid for.  In the second year, however,  I decided to rent a house with a couple of my friends as it was a much cheaper alternative. The bills were not included in the rent; therefore I had to learn to pay the bills myself and this meant I had to keep a good track of my financial situation and make sure I had enough money in case the bill was high. It was really good in that we were able to keep the bills to a minimum and I always had money available thanks to support provided by the Trust. I did not have to worry once about not having enough money to pay the bills which meant that I was free to concentrate on my studies without any distractions. I know some of my friends were working nights in order to ensure that they had enough money to pay for the rent and bills and due to that, they missed important lectures which counted towards the final grading. I feared that I would be in a similar position at the start, but thanks to the grant, I only had to work during the holidays in order to have enough money to cover all my costs.

In terms of my studies and extra curricula activities, I’m still a member of the Sri Lankan society, the boxing club but I stopped the 5-aside football and took up badminton which I play four times a week. This year has been harder in terms of studies, and therefore required longer periods of stressful studying in order to maintain the grades I obtained last year. Therefore I was not able to get involved in all the things I wanted to do like, for example, cricket. But the societies that I am still a member of have really benefited me in many ways, to improve my fitness, to improve my organisational skills as well as my timing.

Overall this last year has been a really good learning curve for me as I believe that I am more of an independent individual then I was the year before and I have matured further. The first I achieved this year is a testament to the support provided by the trust and I can’t thank them enough for it. I hope to study harder, work harder and I hope to maintain my grades next year as I want to show that the support given to me is not in vain. Thank you

I am extremely glad to say that I passed my final year with a 1st, averaging 85% overall which is 5% above my last year grade, so I was over the moon. I have attached the copy of the transcript I obtained from the university to this e-mail.

I had worked really hard this year and it has paid off. The money that the trust gave me allowed me to locate to accommodation within walking distance of the university. I can’t tell how helpful this was. Near the closing stages of this year  I spent countless days working very late into the night and having the comfort of not having to catch a bus or train to get back home was a major plus point and gave me the freedom to work at any time of the day I pleased.

In terms of the year, it has been a very good one as I have learnt a lot more do with chemical engineering than last year. This year, there were a lot more practical related modules which allowed to me get hands on experience and gain a good knowledge of how the equipments functioned. This allowed for me to fit the theory together with the practice in order to have a greater understanding of my chosen field.

Further I have also recently attended a short course provided by the Royal Academy of Engineering known as WILD 1 (Westcountry Initiative for Leadership and Development) which was great fun and gave me some excellent skills for the future.

All in all the year has been a successful one for me and I really hope to continue this hard working attitude throughout all my life.

I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have given me, both financially and through encouraging me to do well. I believe I owed it to you guys to do well in this degree and make you proud of the trust you put in me, and I hope I have done so by achieving the results I have. Wherever I go from here, I couldn’t have done it without you. The job I get, the career path I take, I couldn't have done it without your help and input into this.

Thank you so much for all the support.