John Moran Educational - Trust Making financial awards to support the entry into higher education
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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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I shall begin with a God bless you; by expressing my absolute gratitude to all of the trustees.  I don’t think you realize the extent to which you help us. I believe what you do is very remarkable and generous and in the process certainly taking a lot of weight off shoulders. For that reason it’s my aim to hope that I will be able to repay you through the  successful completion of my course.

I am a nineteen year old student who has just embarked upon a Law and Sociology degree at the University of Keele. Prior to this I was educated at Holly Lodge Girl’s College where my hobbies included socialising with my friends, reading, shopping, watching TV, travelling, writing short stories, singing, performing, playing my guitar and finally writing songs.  I’m originally from the DRC, but I’ve been living in England now with my mum and siblings for coming close to five years. When I first came to England I had a big challenge in front of me.  I had to not only learn to speak English, but also learn to study other subjects in English: to add to my dilemma I came in the middle of Year 10, after having taken a gap year (for reasons I choose not to discuss). So yeah I had a lot of catching up to do, but I can proudly say that I achieved  an A in R.E, B in Math, B in Geography, C in History, C in English and finally a D in Science. During that year I also decided to take up a GNVQ in performance in Arts and I got a remarkable high Distinction. No one could believe I had achieved such grades but I have to tell you it was hard work.

My A Level years were even harder. I achieved an A/C in my French A Levels, a C in Psychology, B in Citizenship Extended project, and a D in History. Being a perfectionist I wasn’t too happy with my results and at some point I felt like I had let everyone down. But I did learn something, sometimes doing less is better as you could focus more...  Here is how involved I was.  I was a Senior Student at my school, and Prime Minister of all Liverpool’s Secondary Schools and of Liverpool schools parliament. I was also appointed Spokesperson for Liverpool School’s Parliament in Strasbourg where I spoke in front of 600 fellow EU Nationals. I was also a member of our school’s ECO committee and involved in a pair reading scheme to help our less able students. I also still currently work as an interpreter for D.A Languages ( I am fluent in three  languages) Don’t get me wrong I don’t regret being involved as I did take full advantage of my school years.   When you’ve been deprived of education for so long you want to take full advantage of any opportunity…

I am still over the moon that I was chosen for the award and also proud that the trustees had faith and believed in me. At the meeting I stood outside eagerly waiting.  I eventually managed to take a deep breath and walked in to meet the trustees. I was amazed at how relaxed I now was. The trustees were very friendly and far from patronizing. I had not prepared a speech but what I had prepared was being honest.  With no previous tradition of higher education in my family, financing my three year course was going to be tough. The fact that I was to live away from home didn’t help either. As I have to reside in off campus accommodation the finance issue was much worse than I had thought. But with the grant I was able to pay two months rent and with the remainder I was able to purchase a few textbooks that I was to use for the rest of my first year. For the most part I am enjoying University life.  I love doing Law. However my only concern is with Sociology as I am not enjoying it as much. You see I find that I work better when I enjoy a subject…

As far as my plans for the future go, I’m quite keen on the prospect of becoming a barrister, once I’ve got my degree under my belt. I shall be looking at approximately 7 years of university life. I would like to finish by thanking the trustees most sincerely and gratefully. I am determined to do well at university and convince you that you have made the correct decision in awarding me this grant. Just to make your job even more worthwhile God bless you all once again.

 My first year at Keele University went by so rapidly, before I knew it was end of the year. I appreciated the emails and the time that John Moran gave me throughout the term in order to find out how I was getting on. The money I received from the Trust during my first year contributed substantially towards my accommodation costs. I do feel that I settled into University life quite quickly. I particularly found our tutors and lecturers very helpful as they were always keen to help. I passed all my Level One exams, thus earning enough credits to move onto Level two.  I guess the only bad thing about my first year was my landlord who put me through so much stress due to his dishonesty.  Frankly, I am amazed and thankful to God that I managed to pass year one.
I don't think you realize how much this award helps me. I can’t put down in words how much the award means to me especially this year when the student loans have not yet come through. I’m hearing dates such as the end of October or even December before they are finalized. If it wasn't for the John Moran Trust I don't know where I would have found the money to pay for my accommodation for this term or to support other expenses later. Thank you, thank you. I'm grateful that you have chosen me, and that's why the only way that I may repay you is by graduating with an outstanding degree. God willing when I graduate I would like to invite all the trustees to the ceremony as the BIGGEST THANK YOU. Once again I would like to thank you and may God bless you even more. JOHN MORAN ROCKS!!!!

My second year at university, was a good one...I had no re-sits, no fraudulent landlord but boy did it go quickly!

I would like to view the year as the beginning of demonstrating my capacity to achieve  decent marks.
I took part in extra curriculum activities such as client interviewing and mooting, which enabled me to receive experience and insight as I put into practice the works of both a solicitor and barrister. I also got involved in a lot more societies during the year, specifically that of the Keele Critical Legal Group, where I have been elected marketing officer....

As we all know, last year 2009 student loans came in quite a few months after the start of term and if I hadn’t received the financial assistance from the John Moran Trust, I do not know what I would have done...for it would have meant not having my choice of accommodation, not being able to pay rent nor the deposit. That's why I thank you profoundly once again as my second year could not have been a better one without the trustees of the John Moran Trust.
Once again, thank you.

Third year, was perhaps my hardest year yet...the workload was overwhelming and my stress levels were immeasurable.

There were times where I was ready to quit, but hard work and perserverance along with God's blessing have seen me through the hard times. My family and friends’ support was also of great help to me, and my drive not to disappoint you guys was another factor in my success. I am happy to confirm that I have received a 2:1 !!!!!

Can you believe it?!!!! ...I’m finishing my course on such an extremely happy note.

I hope to find employment in the legal field, in the mean time I seek to do probono work.