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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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I am a 19 year old student from Liverpool. After studying Art and Design in college, I decided to pursue a career in Fashion. I obtained a place to study a Fashion and Textiles Degree in London on quite a prestigious course. I knew that one of the most difficult factors about making that transition to London would be financing my accommodation. I enquired at the finance department in my college, where an extremely kind and helpful woman suggested I write a letter to the John Moran Trust.

Born and raised in Liverpool, I adore the city, so moving somewhere new won’t be easy. But with the financial help that the John Moran Trust has brought me, I’m finding that step a lot less frightening.

My childhood wasn’t the easiest of experiences. It was a real struggle because my mother was diagnosed as mentally ill when I was just a few years old and my father sought out a new family in the form of my step-mother and her children. As a child, living neglected in a very poor area of Liverpool, I became friends with the wrong sort of people and was heading down a dark path. When I was fourteen, my eldest sister who was married with a mortgage and a child, took me in as her own. I changed schools and lived in a stable household for the first time in my life. Since this life-changing move I was able to gain 12 GCSEs with As in English, Science and Textiles.

Living with my sister and her family of three small children gave me a happy childhood, the kind I had always dreamt of. Since attending University, my family couldn’t be more proud of me. I am so happy to show my nieces and nephews that they too can go to University when they’re older. I’m showing them that they can achieve their ambitions and goals in life; even though we are from a working class family, who don’t have much money.

I’m glad my sister gave me the courage to go for my dreams. I cannot believe I finally live in London studying for my degree. One day when I graduate and earn my Masters, I hope to give so much back to my sister and thank her for all the help she gave to me when I needed it most. Hopefully, I will be in a position where I can help other people, so that they’re able to afford further education too.

I am really enjoying my course and have already met so many people who I can contact when I graduate or intern with in the summer. I would never have had these opportunities if I continued to live in Liverpool, when so many fashion houses are based in London. I am also student rep for my class and voice their opinions to the student council. I have joined so many societies and I am well into the swing of things in University life. I am really grateful for this opportunity.

I am also extremely thankful to the John Moran Trust. Without this grant I would not be able to afford a move to an expensive city like London. The thought of being in so much debt with my rent gave me a lot of worries and doubts. The John Moran Trust are doing great things for people who need a bit of help to afford university. They really are giving people who need it the most, a chance to better their life. Thank you a million times over.

Having just finished the first year of my Textile Design degree, I am eagerly awaiting another promising year here in London.

My first year was a big eye-opener to the real world. Moving to London meant deserting my sister and her young family for periods of time and starting a whole new life somewhere entirely foreign. Small minded in my ways, I didn’t think this would present many difficulties but once I was thrown into the rigours of student halls I felt quite desolate and alone. However, though it was difficult to begin with I soon became adjusted to student life. I found my feet and financially The John Moran Trust helped me to stay afloat. My rent drains all of my student loan, which is why I am so thankful for The John Moran Trust’s good will.

I know I chose the most expensive city to study in, but I can whole heartedly say nothing compares to the rich culture and inspiration I draw from London into my developing art work. I received a 2:1 grade for my first year and I could not be more pleased with my achievements. From a shaky start to the year, I managed to end on a high note and completed all my coursework deadlines. There are four specialist areas to my degree Print, Knit, Weave and Stitch. I was fascinated to learn all these new approaches to creating fabrics, from using traditional weaving looms and frames to industrial sized digital fabric printers and knitting machines. Truly I’ve enjoyed every moment of it, even down to the disconcerting looks I received from fellow passengers when they saw me knitting on the tube.

My second year at university allowed me to specialise in the area of print design.  The main principle is to design, paint and draw for surfaces from crockery to curtains and even fashion garments. Receiving my results this summer I was delighted to find out I had  reached an overall first for my second year.  The live projects I took part in this year were extremely eye-opening to the industry that I wish to work in; I completed projects with Bemz fabrics for IKEA, Adidas and Parker Knoll.

The sheer amount of work and preparation that the second year entails is overwhelming but I managed to keep my head down and work hard.  Without the help from the John Moran Trust I fear my work would have definitely sunk to a far lower standard.  The financial pinch that comes from purchasing expensive art supplies really takes its toll over the academic year.  Without the money I would not have been able to afford the travel cost to university to use the specialist facilities on my days off, sacrifices such as my food expenses would have been made in order to buy good materials.

It goes without saying how beyond grateful I really am.  I'm happy to be able to achieve all I want to, despite my background.  There's no doubt that I experienced the stress of not having much financially when I was growing up but with the Trust's help the load is lighter for me at university and I can afford to pay my rent and not worry about how I will eat.

After my tumultuous first year of ups and downs, I could feel how much I had grown both emotionally and independently.  I am even thankful for all the bad experiences of my first year in London as I have learned so many life lessons that I could take into my second year and improve upon.

Exploring London led me to be scouted by a modelling agency. They have allowed me to work part time so that I can concentrate on my studies.  The opportunities in this city are second to none, and I am not sure that I would have taken the plunge into the unknown without the Trust.  I had so many fears of not affording rent and failing but with your help I took that step.  I thank you not only for the bursary, but for the genuine kindness you have shown me throughout these years.

My final year of university was really the most testing. Although I was settled into London life, there was really no spare time to visit home or even call. Third year demands a lot of work and effort especially on a Bachelor of Arts degree, as 60% of the grade is based on the practical work created. It was quite difficult emotionally not to have the support of my family or be able to travel home for important family events.

However, on a positive note, I really enjoyed producing my final fabric collection and all of my hard work paid off as I achieved a First Class Honours in Textile Design. As I have previously mentioned throughout university I constantly worked as a fashion model, which also helped financially with my art materials. Having a job alongside university work is so difficult, which is why the John Moran Trust is such an amazing charity. Having the bursary during final year, really helped to support my huge list of art supplies and also my rent which in London as you may know is sky high even for students.
I'm always forever grateful for the financial help from the John Moran Trust, in the beginning it helped to ease my worries about moving to a new city alone and worrying about how I would pay for rent; and in my final year it supported my work and creating my designs.

During my fabric exhibitions, one at my university and one at a trade show called New Designers, I won two awards. The first is a Drawing Innovation award, acknowledging the amount of drawing skills in my print designs. The second was Best In Show, which was won by four other people and together we will all by displaying our work at TENT London.

Since graduating university I've acquired a job in London, working as a graduate intern for a French designer called Roland Mouret. I'm on a small salary of 13k for the year, but nevertheless I'm so happy and grateful to be working in the fashion industry, and I'm looking forward to see where my career takes me.

Thank you to everyone who keeps the John Moran Trust going, I would never have the rich experiences or grabbed at the wonderful chance of going to university to pursue a career I'm so passionate about without your help.