John Moran Educational - Trust Making financial awards to support the entry into higher education
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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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I am an eighteen year old student living at home with my dad and youngest brother, in September I will be leaving to study at The University of Sheffield.  Before being accepted to study at university I was a student at Broughton Hall High School and Sixth Form where I completed my GCSEs and A-Levels.  I loved my time there as I took part in many different school productions, portraying several different characters and I established myself among the teachers and students as a confident bright young woman. 

From the age of sixteen I've worked for a hotel in Liverpool's city centre and will hopefully work there during my time home from university.  It's very important to me that I find work in Sheffield so that along with the generosity of The John Moran Trust I can reduce the stress that financing myself throughout university will bring.

I was successful in attaining good GCSE marks and achieved an A*, B and C at A-Level in Product Design, English and Spanish as well as a B in Performing Arts at AS-Level.  I am going to university to study Foundation Studies in Mechanical Engineering as I have always found how products and machines work and function fascinating.  It is due to my lack of A-Levels in Maths and Physics that I'm pursuing Foundation Studies instead of an Engineering Degree.  However, the extra year at university doesn't hinder my passion for the subject or my desire to graduate with an degree in Mechanical Engineering.

From the moment it was time for me to consider university, a visit to Sheffield had captured me; the city campus and the red brick streaky bacon engineering building in which I would be studying, plus the fantastic modern Student Union had me hooked and I was adamant I wanted to study there. 

Coming from a single parent household with three brothers I knew that it wouldn't be appropriate for me to rely on my dad for financial support.  My two elder brothers' experiences proved that university life living on a student loan was difficult  I know that the grant from the John Moran Educational Trust will help to alleviate the worry my dad will have for me and the stress I will have as a student.  I'm so grateful to receive the grant and plan to use it to contribute to paying for university supplies such as text books, folders, stationary and tools.  It will also be helpful in paying for travel around the city campus and maybe even visiting my family which is very important to me!

I am aware of how lucky I am to receive this grant and would like to express my deepest gratitude to The John Moran Trust for choosing me, I know it will be paramount to reducing the financial strain of university and I promise to use it wisely.

This student decided to abandon her course when only part way through the first term.