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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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I am an eighteen year old student from Liverpool.  I live with my grandmother and also my brother and I’m currently studying law at the University of Chester.  During my free time I like to participate in various sporting activities, including football, golf and swimming.  I also like reading a lot of books, mainly in the business and law category.

Before starting University I went to West Derby School.  I did reasonably well in my GCSEs and as a result I had the chance to study at West Derby Sixth Form.  The A Levels I chose were ICT, Media  and Film Studies. The reason for choosing this mixture of A-levels was because I liked the variety of these areas of study. The reason for choosing ICT was that I had instantly fallen in love with creating databases and fixing problems when I studied this subject at GCSE.  The reason for Film Studies and Media was that they complement each other.  I have always liked analysing movies and documentaries which both of them dealt with.

Through reading various books on law and by dealing with law somewhat in ICT I instantly fell in love with the subject and decided that I wanted to learn a lot more about the law.  On reflection it seemed to me that virtually everything in the world is based around laws.  By gaining a knowledge of the law I could use my skills to help other people.  I also did a day shadowing a student at the University of Liverpool.  We discussed how demanding the work load was but if anything this made me want to do law even more.  I chose Chester for my university because I like how friendly the environment is.  The university also has great facilities.

The John Moran award will benefit me greatly.  I live with my grandmother and brother and they cannot support me financially as much as they would like.  I commute from Liverpool to Chester on a daily basis so the money will go towards transport costs.  The money will also help me to purchase various resources which I need.  These include law books and a laptop.  I am truly grateful for this award as it will make my life a little easier.  Not having to worry about travel and other expenses will mean that I can focus on my studies.

So, I have finished my first year of University. It only feels like yesterday I was actually starting the course. At the time of starting a law degree, I knew a lot of hard work and dedication would be needed and so I gave 100% effort on each module. Sometimes it was challenging for me and made me question if I could actually see it through. I kept the faith though and stuck by it. The revision is what tested me the most.  I have a good memory but get very nervous when it comes to exams, which I knew I had to overcome. I have recently got my results back and I am quite happy to say that I will be going onto my second year of University in September.

The second year of University, I know, will be more challenging than the first. I think it’s going to be completely different when I go back. I now know what University is all about.  I know when to socialize and when to work. I know when to do certain tasks rather than others and I know how the course is run. I would also say my time management skills have definitely improved which is going to help me out quite a lot.

The John Moran Trust has been a blessing to me. The money from the Trust went mainly on books and transport cost. As you can imagine, commuting from Liverpool to Chester everyday doesn’t come cheap. The John Moran Trust really helped me out in these two areas and I honestly can say that if it wasn’t for the John Moran Trust I would have been struggling to make payments, worrying more about how I was actually going to get to Chester rather than worry about my studies. I do have to say a massive thank you to everyone from the John Moran Trust, not only for the money for the transport costs but also for making my life a little easier so I could focus on my actual studies.

I have now officially completed my second year of university. I have recently got my results back and I can happily say that I will be going into my third year in October. The second year of my degree was completely different from the first. The pressure was more and also the workload was more demanding, which is something I expected and is what made it more rewarding in the end. I was more prepared this time round than the previous year and my organisation skills were key to the success of my second year, something I was only getting to terms with in the first. What was interesting about my second year modules, is that one of them was work-related. I had to secure a placement for 6 weeks, which I didn’t have a problem with. I managed to get a placement in a law firm in Birkenhead and found my time there challenging but rewarding. It was fascinating to work with like-minded people who were solicitors and also barristers. The most important thing, in my opinion, was sitting in on meetings with clients discussing the situation with their claims.

After a year of very hard work, I am now enjoying my summer holidays. I am keeping myself busy and have just applied for voluntary work at the Citizens Advice Bureau, something I am looking forward to as it will not only enhance my CV but also I will be helping other people. Also during my summer holidays, I have secured an opportunity to shadow a criminal barrister for two days and hopefully this will give me an insight into the work of a barrister and increase my understanding of what to expect in the future

I am now looking forward to my third year studies, especially now that I have chosen my own modules. I have picked family, medical, discrimination, child, employment and also equity law. Some of which I am considering pursuing in my future career.

As ever, I have to thank the John Moran Trust. They have been there for me since the start of my course. Whether that is helping me financially with transport and book costs as previously stated or giving me support when I have faced difficulties with my course.

This student faced and overcame many challenges in his final year. These would have daunted much older people.  As a result, he struggled during the academic year and after discussion with his tutors it was agreed that he will now finish university in June and graduate in October 2018.