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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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Profile four

I am eighteen years old and currently living at home  I have just started Business Studies at John Moores University.  This is a four year course. The first year of study involves areas that I covered at A level so I am looking forward to my second year when I will be introduced to new material.  I am also looking forward to my placement in the third year.  I am interested in Human Resources and hopefully the work I will undertake will be in that field.

I have worked at my local Tescos for the last couple of years and besides the financial benefits I have also made many friends over that period.

I feel that the award that I have received will be very helpful and will ensure that I will not have to do lots of extra hours at Tescos.  I will, therefore,  be able to spend more time on my studies.

The process for applying for this grant was straightforward and the Trustees have been both helpful and friendly.

When I started university in September I went with two friends that I had been at school with.  As a result of this I found it quite difficult to make new friends.  During Fresher’s week there were lots of events taking place but for various reasons I did not attend any of these.  Looking back I feel if I had the chance again I would make more of an effort to attend some of these events.  This might have helped me to settle more easily into university life.

We were told in our first week that the modules we would be studying in our first year would be required to help us in our second year of the course.  Some of these modules included microeconomics, foundations of law and data interpretation.  At first some of these modules seemed really difficult.  Once the past papers had been looked at, however, and a fair amount of revision had been carried out the thought of sitting an exam in some of these modules no longer seemed so daunting.

When carrying out coursework, the main new task which was required was the way in which quotes had to be referenced. The Harvard referencing system was used to do this, but at first it seemed like a complicated system to use, however, after carrying out several pieces of coursework we soon became accustomed to this way of working.

Overall after completing my first year of university life I would say that it was a lot different to what I expected.

I now socialise with a large group of people and I am looking forward to starting my second year as I am now more settled and the modules look a lot more interesting.

Finally I would like to thank the trustees of the John Moran Trust for awarding this grant to me as it has been very useful over the past year and will be throughout the duration of my time at university. I have been working at Tescos for the past few years and continued to do this.  The money I have been given by the Trust has meant that I have not had to work as many hours at Tescos.  This has enabled me to concentrate more on my studies.  Some of the money I receive pays for books that I need for my course.  It also helps towards my transport costs.

A month into my second year at university I left Tesco where I had been doing part time work to supplement my living costs and started working for a handling agent at Liverpool Airport where I have now been working for a year.  I really enjoy every part of the job which includes checking in flights, working hard behind the reservations desk and dealing with the arrivals and departures of flights.

I found the modules a lot more interesting in my second year at university.  Modules included the principles of Marketing, the principles of Human Resources Management and Research Methods of Business.

During my second year a lot of time was spent applying for jobs for my placement in third year.  I applied for a variety of jobs most of which were within Human Resources.  Throughout the year I attended about six interviews before being offered a position at MBNA in the Marketing Department.  Having been rejected for so many positions I was relieved to finally be offered a position and accepted it.  A month later I started the job in Chester but did not enjoy it at all.

I decided to leave MBNA and return to university to complete my final year.  I will now graduate with a Business Administration Degree.

I would recommend to anyone applying for placements to keep applying as it takes a long time before you finally get offered a placement. When offered a placement thing long and hard before you actually accept it or you could end up in a position like I did.

I have just found out that I got a 2:1

Although it was much harder than my first two years of university I thoroughly enjoyed my final year. One of the reasons for this was that the majority of the modules which I undertook were ones which I had picked myself.  I particularly enjoyed the Strategic Human Resources Management and Development modules.

My biggest success in my final year was gaining 80% in my dissertation.  By starting this early in the course and staying in contact with my assigned tutor, I was able to complete this a month in advance to ensure I had extra time to revise for my four exams in May