John Moran Educational - Trust Making financial awards to support the entry into higher education
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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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I am so excited to be starting University in September, where I will be studying Physics. This is the start of my Physics career and I’m excited to meet new people and explore new academic ideas during my degree. I come from a complicated family background and a series of events has led to me living alone with my mum and sister. This is not a negative situation for me but it means that I can’t always do the things all of my friends do. I was worried this problem would stop me from experiencing university to the fullest, due to money worries. However, I am excited now at the prospect of being able to join in and experience everything my peers will during the course, with the help of this bursary from the John Moran Trust!

After successfully completing my first semester, I progressed to the second semester of my Foundation Year. Throughout the semester, I had to deal with a lot of personal medical problems, which knocked my confidence. I had to work even harder to achieve the grades I wanted but I had amazing support from my friends and family. For which I am very grateful. 

I was able to complete the year with an overall average of 78%, despite these challenges. I am so proud and the mark has reignited my excitement for university. 

Having taken advice I have also changed my degree from Physics to Geophysics.  I think I'll find the new content interesting.  I'm excited to start this September. 

As a now twenty year old student, I have just completed my second year of university. It's actually been the first year of my Geophysics (Geology) degree, as I completed my foundation year with high grades. The foundation year improved my confidence exceptionally, so I felt very positive going into this year-even though geology was new to me!

Understanding the groundwork that had been covered by most other students in their first year was very challenging at first. Fortunately, I formed a great group of friends with lots of previous knowledge of geology. I am so happy to say that they were able to help me catch up.

Also, I have formed strong bonds with many of my lecturers in the department. This has greatly helped me along the way, as I have a collection of people who are willing to offer help and guidance wherever possible. This has especially helped me through my troubling time dealing with epilepsy symptoms.

Last semester, I was voted into the role of "Social Media and Outreach" in our department society. The society is a huge part of our relatively small department, as it allows friendships to form between multiple years of students. Also, there are many friendly relationships between each year and our lecturers. I am so excited to help expand the positivity our society spreads and to help our new 1st years feel welcomed. Part of my role is to promote geology and Geophysics within the surrounding communities, which will be greatly rewarding.

For the 2nd year of my course, I will be moving in with course friends. I would never have done this without the level of confidence I have achieved through university. I am excited to see where this next part of my university journey will take me!

I will be forever grateful to John Moran Trust for my bursary, as it has thoroughly helped me this year with purchases of necessary field work equipment. Fieldwork is a huge, important part of my course so I am so happy I could use the bursary for something so important and needed.
Let's see what next year brings me!