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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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I am a nineteen year old student from Liverpool and in September I will start studying Early Childhood Studies at the University Of Chester. Prior to this I have studied for the past two years at North Liverpool Academy studying Level 3 Children’s play, Learning and Development and Health & Social Care. In lower school I achieved twelve qualifications including 10 GCSES A* - Cs. I didn’t start sixth form with the goal of attending university. I honestly believed I wasn’t smart enough or capable enough to achieve that. But after speaking to many people close to me - friends, family and teachers I began to believe that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. I then started to focus on getting the necessary UCAS points required for university.

During sixth form I did have a fair few personal problems which involved losing contact with my mum and dad and not being allowed to see them at all. In addition, my younger sister was adopted and I was not allowed to see her more than twice a year. I also suffer from many medical problems which became a barrier towards my learning as I missed a significant amount of school especially during year 12. I tried my best to deal with these problems by pushing them to the back of my mind in an effort to stop them affecting my education. I focused on my work to ensure I didn’t fall behind with any coursework or exam preparation.

Outside of school I am very proactive and participate in many voluntary organisations including National Citizen Service and St John Ambulance, which also inspired me to help others more. For the past two years I have worked extremely hard during week nights, weekends and half terms. This included working match days at Liverpool Football Club and also being a mentor on the National Citizen Service Programme during half terms. All this experience has helped me massively and financially I have been able to save any spare money towards university.

Having no history of anybody going to University within my family I did find the idea very daunting, however I attended numerous open days and engaged in many activities that were offered to me including; lectures, group activities and campus tours. After the research I felt the University Of Chester was right for me therefore I will pursue my goal career of becoming employed within the early year’s sector. The reason I have chosen to study Early Childhood Studies is because I enjoyed the level 3 course at sixth form. This course helped me to develop some knowledge of child development and linked into many different theories. I have also gained an extensive understanding of the importance of child protection and safeguarding and the impact changes in government legislation can have on early years practice today. I am keen to develop this understanding for my future career and feel studying this course can support me in gaining the necessary skills and experience needed to be successful within this sector. I am a hardworking, motivated individual who is determined to work hard academically and also contribute socially to university.

Financially my main worry about university is the debt associated as the cost of living in halls of residence can be very expensive. I am now looking forward to living the full university experience and getting away from problems at home in order to gain a good job and financial income in the future for myself.

Thanks to the John Moran Trust I can now move away to university to live the full university experience without worrying so much about the living costs. I am very grateful for the trust believing in me and awarding me £1000 for each year of study. The financial contribution has helped me relieve some of the financial worry I cannot thank them enough.

As I am now moving on to the second year of university in a few weeks, I have stopped to reflect on the past twelve months.  The whole thought of the university experience was daunting; August 2016 I was moving into student accommodation I felt nervous at first. But having the opportunity to move in early and spend a few weeks in Chester before term started really helped, as I was able to make new friends easily. The various events taking place during Fresher’s induction week also helped me settle into university life more easily.

Living in a lovely city does make the cost of living quite high without the added worry of university necessities such as laptop, books, stationery. The bursary I received from the trust last year allowed me to purchase a new laptop and helped towards my university accommodation. Which eased the financial strain, I could cut down my hours in my part time job which gave me more time to focus on my studies.

During first year I studied six long modules, I found the step from sixth from to university level work difficult in the beginning. But attending development learning workshops really help me build upon skills such as perfecting APA referencing, being a critical writer and so on. The main highlight of first year for me was having the opportunity to do a 4-week placement within a pre-school setting allowing me to apply the theory and knowledge I have learnt into practice. After the placement had finished the setting manager offered me a job as a bank nursery assistant – covering staff sickness, holidays when needed. I have taken that opportunity as I feel the more experience I get working within the Early Years sector during my degree will be very valuable now and in the future.

I have been given an amazing opportunity from university to study abroad for two weeks in 2018 to undertake a placement in North Florida. If the trip does go ahead I am hoping my bursary from John Moran this year will help towards the cost of the trip. As I look forward to the next year I would just like to thank the trustees for their generosity and support. It is much appreciated and has been truly beneficial.