John Moran Educational - Trust Making financial awards to support the entry into higher education
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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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I am 35 years of age and I have 3 children aged 12,9 and 5 years. I have always believed passionately in education and that it can open doors and improve lives. My children are also aware as to the importance of working hard in school and doing their best. One day my oldest daughter asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up! It was this question that started me thinking and when my youngest child started school I made the decision to return to education, enrolling on an Access to Higher Education Course in Health & Social Care. It was extremely difficult juggling my commitment to my family with work, voluntary work and assignments, but as going to university has always been a dream of mine, I was determined to succeed.

In July 2016 I received my results, which exceeded my expectations and the academic requirements of my chosen degree course, but gave me the confidence and self-belief that I needed. I received lots of positive feedback from my tutors and to my surprise I was awarded student of the year! One of my tutors informed me about the John Moran Trust and the fantastic work that the trustees do for financially struggling individuals desperate for an education and a better life, such as myself.

When I received the decision that I was successful in receiving an award from the trust I was shocked and elated but above all extremely proud that these wonderful people believed in me. The award will enable me to buy a laptop that will assist me during lectures and when completing assignments, it will help towards travel costs, reading material and the cost of overseas trips that will give me a valuable insight into the methods used by other countries and cultures when treating mental health issues. Above all the award will reduce the financial burden of going to university and the effect this will have on my children.

In September 2016 I will be starting a three-year BA Social Work degree with honours at Liverpool Hope University, which I am extremely excited about. I have always been passionate about people and equality and I am certain that I will become an effective Social Worker in this diverse and ever changing world in which we live.

For those that are reading this and are going to university or even considering it, may I take this opportunity to say go for it and give it your all as I intend to do.

I have now completed my first year BA with Honours in Social Work and thankfully having passed all assignments and examinations, I am progressing onto my second year!

I have finished my first year on a 2:1 and hope to continue if not exceed these results next year. I strongly believe that the bursary I received from the John Moran Trust has had a positive impact on the past year of study as I had my laptop and books to aid my studies.  For these reasons and having the trustee’s belief in my ability, I am so grateful. I have also valued the regular contact and the words of wisdom I have received, often coming at times when I needed it most and was always something I needed to hear.

The past year has been difficult as expected but I have learned so much and look forward to my second year, in particular learning Social Work Law and completing my first placement.

Thank you for your ongoing support!