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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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Having no long standing history of Higher Education in my family I found the prospect of going to university daunting, especially because of  the high levels of debt associated with it.   But as I progressed through school I excelled in Science subjects – especially Biology (mostly in the Human related aspects)  I think that the genius about the body is its utter simplicity in the ways it deals with problems, but it is one of the most complex biochemical entities we know of, because to this day we still do not fully understand all of its inner workings!

I have always taken great personal satisfaction from helping people. Examples during my school days were helping people in the road who may have fallen down and assisting out of  breath OAP’s I encountered.  Not very dramatic or heroic but I knew the people I helped were grateful. Following my G.C.S.E. results (9 A grades) I was motivated by the fact that I knew I had the ability to achieve any dream which I chose and because of this I set my heart on Medicine as I saw it as an extension of this role.

I started my A levels in anticipation and was on track to continue as I had done previously, strengthening my application with various courses and volunteer work. It was around this time that my only parent was incapacitated by illness. This happened very quickly, almost over night it seemed.  This event seriously disrupted my life and my grades.  As a result I failed to gain a place at University.

I took the following year as an opportunity to right this and took control of my home life by getting to grips with the new demands made upon me. It was during this time that my school , knowing my situation suggested that I apply to the John Moran Trust.

Finally following A level re sits I managed to achieve a university place to study medicine – having achieved 2 A grades and a B grade at A level. In one of the modules I achieved 100%

I have now started at university and I am extremely grateful to the trustees for having selected me to receive one of their awards. I have put this towards buying a PC for myself.  This is the first PC I have ever owned.  It is extremely important for my course as all the directions for learning are almost purely based on-line. I have also used some of the money towards the cost of essential textbooks for my course.

I have now completed my first year of study and can honestly say that it has been absolutely fantastic. Best put – the course is a roller coaster ride.  I marveled at the manner in which the theoretical material that I was taught at A level was put into real life practice and was also pushed hard during the times that entire evenings disappeared into the night as I researched information for my modules.

The grant played a key role in enabling me to pass my first year exams.  The books it allowed me to purchase formed the essential core that my knowledge became embedded upon (and will continue to do so in the second year). Similarly, the computer played a key role. It was crucial in filling in the information gaps that the books did not have.  It was also central in the construction of my course work piece, without which my progression to the next year of study could not have taken place.  Finally it was my direct link to my course intranet –the system through which the students are informed of practically everything they need to know and do.

I have enormous gratitude to the John Moran Trust for this support that they are providing me during this time and can only hope that I will be able to repay this through the successful completion of my course.

I have just successfully finished my second year  - passing all of my exams, which allows me to progress on into year three.  Looking back it has been very tough with this academic year being the longest I will ever progress through (so much so that the university campus became like a ghost town as all the other students went home for their summer holidays) Second year also marked a very important landmark for me as it was the first time I started real clinical placements (including things like taking my first bloods and attending surgery!)

The support that the extra financial backing provided to me was essential for my living over this longer academic period.  At the beginning of the year I was also able to purchase key texts for my course, if I had not had the trust’s backing this would simply not have been an option for me.  The books were very important, as with the extension of clinical aspects of the course and with the maintenance of the theoretical class room work, so the time available becomes more precious and so a greater efficiency is required. These books provided me with that ability and so I was able to better meet the demands asked of me.  They were also instrumental in the passing of my exams as the material they covered (and which I studied closely) turned out to be the core material selected for one of the exams I sat. 

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity I have been given.  I look back now and see the tremendous progression I have gone through and then forwards and realise how much more is to come (as I have yet to reach half way on my course!)  Experiencing hospital for the first time taught me two very important things. The first was a reconfirmation that becoming a doctor with all of its responsibilities was the correct decision.  I have been privileged enough to have been able to witness others use this responsibility first hand and seen the great good it can achieve (I could probably write a book after a single year of all the wondrous experiences I have gone through and witnessed). The second is that I have a long way to go and to get through that will take great patience and hard work before I’m ready for that position and responsibility myself.

Third year has been very intense but extremely rewarding.  I feel I have grown a great deal and my knowledge base has extended immensely.  The main focus of the year turns to expanding the generalised knowledge gained over the last two years in to specialized areas, which is achieved by rotations through specialized centres located throughout the region.  This resulted in me having an awful lot of travelling to get to these centres, but fortunately the stress of having to cover these expenses wasn’t an issue due to the support given to me by the John Moran Trust and I have enjoyed the placements plus the added dimensions they have brought.

Unfortunately the last quarter of the year was marred by the severe deterioration of my parent’s health which has resulted in me having to repeat the year.  This is a daunting prospect but with the support from the trust it seems less.

At the end of the year I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to experience a medical elective, which is a specialised clinical placement within a different cultural environment (which is achieved through going abroad).  I was fortunate enough to secure a placement at both a very highly regarded centre as well my placement being within an area of medicine I have a great interest in.  I really enjoyed the transition into a pure clinical environment and I feel it was as a result of this that I received an exemplary reference. 

Without the added support the John Moran Trust has provided, this opportunity the university provides (and the students are expected to use) would never have been accessible to me. I feel I benefited immensely from this experience and I’m extremely grateful.   I have also taken the opportunity of purchasing some additional, relevant second-hand textbooks, to add to my growing collection!

It has now been another year and I have successfully managed to re-sit the year, passing all my exams. I am happy to say that, with time, my parent's health gradually returned and I have been able to continue with additional support from the University. I am so grateful to the John Moran Trust for believing in me and sticking with me during this very difficult time in my life. The message they sent me that they were going to continue to support me, gave me such a lift during a time when it seemed that my entire world was caving in. I cannot begin to describe what it was like. I am again looking towards the future.
The support the grant provides me with means I don't have to worry so much about a lot of the trivial small accumulative living costs in life, such as transport, food and work clothes. As I have described before it allows me to invest wisely at the beginning of term in key specialist texts that I know I shall be using for the next few years. This year I took the option of investing in a specialist online membership, which gave me access to revision material, which helped me immensely in passing my papers. I doubt that I would have of even been able to consider taking this option if I didn't receive my grant.

It's has been a long year, but I am happy to say that I have now successfully completed my fourth year. It is a year which is widely regarded by students to be the hardest year to complete. This is due to the sheer breadth of knowledge you are required to cover and the exceptionally demanding timetable, so to now have it behind me is a great feeling.

I had greater travel expenses this year due to being placed in a hospital slightly further away, so to have the trusts support in covering those costs, helped ease some of the pressure. One area which particularly stands out for me, which I believe played a key role in my successful completion of the year, was the ability to attend specialist revision courses. Had it not been for the backing of the John Moran Trust I honestly believe that given the course fees, accommodation costs and travel expenses I wouldn't have even thought about attending these courses, but looking back now, I honestly believe that I couldn't have passed without them. Additionally, a set of books I was able to purchase on recommendation, were instrumental in helping me adapt my examination technique, which helped me pass my papers. The ability to access these resources specifically for each year’s demands really does make a difference.

Looking back at my progress over the year I have grown so much in the skills and knowledge that I possess. I am enjoying working in roles with added responsibilities, utilising the skills that I have picked up over the last few years and that reaps it's own rewards, as you are able to play a more significant role in helping the patients that you see and that brings with it it's own buzz. There are still challenges ahead, but to have come this far really fills me with confidence that I can make it to the end now. I am so grateful to the Trust for their continued support during my studies, it really means a lot and opens doors which otherwise would have been firmly shut.

I have just finished my last year and I can't believe it. After all the hard work, it's all over!

The year has been a long one, with multiple placements, some of which were far away from where I live. Commuting for these has been the greatest burden upon me but having the support of the grant has allowed me to concentrate on the placements rather than worrying about how I was going to afford the travel costs. I was also able to fully concentrate on the work necessary to complete my course rather than taking on a part time job.

Looking back I am extremely grateful for all the support the Trust has provided me with. Having had the opportunity to get to know my peers, there really are few people who attend the course who have a similar background to me. As a result, having had the support to allow me to work on a level footing with my peers really made the difference and helped my confidence too.

It only leaves me say a massive THANK YOU for all the help, support and guidance the Trust has provided me with. I truly am eternally grateful.