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The Trust has made awards to over forty two deserving students from the Merseyside region since it was set up in 2003. Here’s more about what these students did with their awards, and what it meant to them:

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Profile nine

I am eighteen years old and have just started my first year at Liverpool, John Moore’s University studying Media Professional Studies. Having no previous experience of higher education in my family it was a proud moment when I received my letter form UCAS explaining that I had been accepted by my first choice University.

 I studied Media at Holly Lodge Girl’s College and gained a grade A at GCSE level.  At A level I achieved a grade B in Media and History and grade A in Psychology.

When I began applying for University I initially wanted to live in the halls of residence in order to gain the full experience of University life. However, I had to face the fact that it would be impossible for me to afford it, even after I applied for my student loan as this was just enough to cover the costs of day to day living let alone the new computer I had planned on buying.

I expressed my worries to my teacher and she told me about the John Moran Educational Trust.  As I walked into the interview room I saw four of the trustees sitting behind a long table and I felt so scared.  But the interview was really informal and the trustees were really friendly and made me feel more relaxed.

The next day I received a ‘phone call from one of the trustees telling me I had been chosen to receive a non-repayable grant from the trust of £1000 a year and I cannot tell you how many times I said thank you as I was so shocked at the same time as being thrilled.  It felt as if I had won the lottery, as I knew this money would make my life so much easier when I got to university and I felt the weight had been taken from my shoulders.

I am extremely grateful to the trust, as the grant has enabled me to buy the new computer I needed for university. The worries of financially affording to complete my course are no longer such a burden, thus, enabling me to get the most from my course. I would just like to say thanks again to the trustees for all your help.  I realise how lucky I am to have the help of The John Moran Trust and hope I can do the same for people who cannot afford university in the future.

My first year at university has been amazing! I have made so many new friends from all over the country and feel that I have become a lot more independent since coming to university.  I have also learnt a lot more about my own creative skills in terms of film making.  During the course I made a short film about a drug addict and I also made a documentary which gives people an insight into the lives of asylum seekers.  I feel I have developed a real passion for documentary making and would love to take this further in the Media industry.

I am currently planning out some documentary ideas to make over the summer and I have also applied to lots of companies for a summer work placement .  This would not have been possible without the help given to me from the John Moran Trust. They have made my life at university so much easier in terms of financial worries and enabled me to get the most from my course and thoroughly enjoy my first year or university.

I have now completed my second year and was thrilled when I recently found out my overall mark was a 2:1. Throughout the year I took on the role of the producer in my production group where we made a 15 minute television programme called ‘Friday Night an A Pint’ as part of my production development module. Other modules such as Advanced Production Techniques and The Aspects of Media Business have involved pitching programme ideas to the BBC Manchester Executive Producer in response to the BBC Three brief and also pitching a film idea to an independent film producer.

Outside of university I have been working hard to build up my CV in terms of work experience and have worked as a runner on The Jeremy Kyle Show, the film ‘Act Of Grace’ by Embrace Productions, the film ‘The Be All And End All’ by Tubedale films and have recently gained a 2 week work experience placement at Lime Pictures on their popular drama ‘Hollyoaks’ which I will be starting this month. I was also recently one of the 7 people short listed for an interview at the BBC but was unfortunately one of the 3 unsuccessful applicants, however I still feel it was a great achievement for me to get to the interview stage.

Overall, I have had an extremely successful second year at university (as well as passing my driving test!). All of which would not have been possible without the help of the John Moran Trust as I have had additional costs this year such as my driving lessons and transport costs for work experience. I am also currently trying to save for a new camera in order to enable me to enhance my own personal film portfolio throughout next year.

I am now looking forward to my third year at university and excited to find out what new projects we will be given. I also aim to keep applying for work experience in order to provide me with more skills and contacts to enter my third year with and have a more professional CV to enable me to start applying for jobs and also a master’s course in directing for 2010.

I have now completed my final year at University and I cannot believe how fast it has gone by.     During the past three years I have gained so many new skills and experiences and I am proud to say that I have now graduated with a 2:1 BA Honours degree in Media Professional Studies.

Throughout my first and second year I had hoped that on completing my first degree I would be able to go on and study for a Master’s degree in directing.  However, after seeing the £5000 per year cost of the course I have decided to learn my skills first hand by working within the Lime Pictures Company.

After gaining a work placement at Lime Pictures on the Channel 4 programme, ‘Hollyoaks’, I was given the opportunity to work as a freelance 3rd Assistant for the programme throughout my final year. I am now still working for the company and waiting to embark on a nine month training scheme, to become a full time Script supervisor for the ‘Hollyoaks’ programme.

I am also currently planning and developing my own business with my sister and have already begun booking clients. In addition, my three years at university has been a very busy and exciting experience and one which would not have been financially possible without the help of the John Moran Trust.

I am extremely grateful to the trustees for their generous support and interest. I feel that their generosity has enabled me to benefit immensely from my course and also enjoy my time at university without having additional financial worries.